Tuesday, August 7, 2007


What the hell is your problem, body?

No allergies at all for a young lifetime, and now, within the space of a year or two, suddenly I have deathly allergic reactions to multiple, unrelated items?

Being allergic to crab was bad enough, but I could handle it. But now I'm allergic to an entire group of common medications, as well? Criminy.

And this is the scary kind of allergy, too. Internal allergy. The kind that doesn't get less severe with each exposure, but in fact more and more dangerous. You get sensitized. Anaphylaxis.

Now, anaphylaxis doesn't necessarily mean anaphylactic shock; it means a particular type of misdirected immune response, which, in serious cases, can lead to shock and rapid death. It doesn't take much to put the human body into shock, however, and severe allergies can happen quickly and without warning.

Anyway, yuck.

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