Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Black smack

I wonder exactly what it's going to take for any of our "leaders" to come right out and tell the American people that gasoline fuels terror?

Sure, sure, there's been a little noise made about Americans' "addiction" to foreign oil, but you'll notice that absolutely no action has been taken, and indeed that that noise was only made when oil lobbyists were pushing the "ANWR" button on the RNC control panel. No one significant has dared to really push the fact that since the United States has fairly small reserves of oil, bought-and-paid-for "scientific" reimaginings of ANWR notwithstanding, our continuing out-of-control use of petroleum puts us at the mercy of the likes of Hugo Chavez and the Saudi royal family, both of whom are known to generously support anti-American interests; and that says nothing of oil demand's role in Iran's nuclear program!

It's no wonder, of course, that none of our prominent Congressional leaders or presidential candidates want to tackle the issue. It's hard to imagine a pair of hot-button topics that would create more conflict in the average U.S. household than "terror" vs. "gas prices," say what you like about whether or not that would have been true seven or eight years ago.

But it's funny that the Republicans are silent on this issue. They are, after all, devotees of Ronald "Greatest Generation" Reagan, and the Greatest Generation tackled this very issue with unhesitating gusto:

Yes, that's a joke of sorts. Relax. The point is that people and nations can in fact have the courage to tackle issues like this.

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