Thursday, January 3, 2008


Looks like everyone's favorite second choice, Barack Obama, swept Iowa. Whee. And on the other side, Huckabee manipulated a bunch of working-class evangelical sods. Great. I suppose it could be worse; Giuliani could have won the Repubs. He's such an unimaginably huge asshole I have little doubt we'd have been launching an unprovoked invasion of one nation or another within weeks of his inauguration. Man. Huckabee would be a disaster for our country - indeed, might yet be - but Giuliani would be a disaster for the whole world.

The more I listened today, the more I thought, the more my mind changed about the presidential race. I have come to two conclusions:

1) The presidential race will be Obama/Edwards against Huckabee/McCain or maybe McCain/Huckabee.
2) I no longer care. I have run dry of outrage. I still think the Democrats will win this one, though not by as large a margin as everyone else seems to think, but I can't really tell any substantial difference between any of the Dems who have more than a hopeless sliver of a chance. Edwards is a little different from Hillary and Obama, but he also has no real hope of getting the nomination. Kucinich is a lot different, in some ways that are very good and some that are very bad, but he has significantly less chance of winning the presidency than Dolly the (deceased) clone sheep. He'll just have to content himself with his gorgeous redhead trophy wife. And any one of the Republicans would be the absolute, bitter end of my hope for the future of this country, or at least for the realization of any hope within my lifetime.

So, perhaps - perhaps - I'll get back to writing more about beer and science. I don't know. I listen to an NPR station most of the day at work, and it's good to stay informed but when you're saturated with news like that, it's hard to distance yourself from it.

EDIT: I guess I had enough outrage left in me to be pissed off about one more thing. I just ran across this article, in which Barack Obama, winner of the Iowa caucus and possible next POTUS, is referred to as "the only African-American in the Senate." Now, if this were an article about race, I might forgive that. But it's not. It's a story about the primaries. WHAT THE FUCK, USA TODAY? Why is the fact that he's black the most relevant thing about him? Why is that the one fact your stupid, shallow asses picked out for the first sentence of the story? Racist dickheads.

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