Thursday, April 17, 2008

I am sorry, in a general sense, to have been so absent lately. I doubt many folks on the nets will have known the difference, since I don't think many of my local friends and acquaintances read this, but the fact is that both Courtney and myself have been depressed, enervated, and completely withdrawn for a couple weeks now. Apart from a brief excursion to the Green Festival, neither one of us has done much of anything outside home and work this month.

I know that's not good for anyone; all introspection and no life makes John a pain in the ass. I can't speak for Courtney, but for me, well, I don't really know the name of this new breed of noonday demon.

Anyway, that's it. I wanted to let anyone who had wondered know that, yes, I do still like you, and no, I'm not upset or just being a dick. Well, not intentionally, anyway. See you soon, hopefully?


Ben said...

so, is something specific bothering you guys? You could always throw rocks at the neighbor's cat.

John Marshall said...

I think that we've just been generally depressed, and that leads to despair and frustration about all kinds of stuff. Lately we've both been moping about, bemoaning all the seemingly insoluble problems of the world and the stupidity of the people who won't deal with them.