Thursday, April 10, 2008


I have written an important post. I have written it at my alternate, personal blog, thejohnallele at LiveJournal, because it allowed me to make use of a feature which can hide part of the entry until folks click on it.

This post concerns many issues which are generally considered private and personal, and there is a reason for that: I am attempting to dispel the notion of "too much information." I believe that information cannot hurt you, and in an effort to back that idea up, I am placing at least some of the information that people might consider "too much information" about me online. I want people to know these things, for the purpose of making it easier on others about whom these things may become known. I would, eventually, like to see a world in which information about your personal life, so long as it's not criminal, cannot hurt you. I would like for anyone to be able to know anything about anyone else without anyone being harmed. I would like for hangups to disappear.

I will warn you that if you don't want to know personal stuff about me - including sex, religion, and other miscellany - you can opt out.

If you're curious, you can read it here.


Ben said...

That's it? That's the horrible bit of TMI? You fail at shocking me. Your kinds are positively Victorian compared to what I've seen here in SF in just two weeks.

John Marshall said...

San Franciscans try too hard.

Besides, don't you see that the very mundanity of it is the point? These are things that are really not very shocking. The shocking thing is that these ideas, which we all suspect that a lot of people have, are - outside the Bay Area, at least - still taboo.

The real question is: do the people most important to you know the most important things that you think?

Elizabeth said...

That's a really good question, John.

And none of the TMI surprised me. :)