Sunday, December 30, 2007

Creased Foreheads

Have I ever mentioned what a bizarre genius my fellow UT alum Brad Neely is? He was responsible for that "Wizard People, Dear Readers" dub thing for the first Harry Potter movie, though that is not my favorite Neely product (although I did see him perform it live at the Alamo Drafthouse a few years back when it was new and that was pretty great!).

No, I much prefer video Neely: he makes great short animated films about strange people living in a strange world, including two middle-aged dudes who teach at a strange-world University much like one in Austin, and a huge man-child who freestyles phatly and is possibly the wisest being of all. The animation is... well, just don't be picky about it. The visual style takes some getting used to. But go! If you're at all like me about weird, dark, sometimes very dry and sometimes very, um, "wet" humor, you'll love it.

Check out Prisoner Christmas! It's seasonal. Or go back a ways to Baby Cakes in The Role-Play Tournament, my all-time favorite.

I don't know, maybe I've posted about this before. I don't care. Every time he releases something I am overwhelmed all over again with the urge to make everyone I know watch these videos until they get them.

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